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Frequently Asked Questions

I made a request to be on the mailing list, but I still haven't received a schedule.
Sorry, but with the high cost of postage we no longer mail scheudles. You can view or download a PDF of our schedules at http://www.leisurelearningunlimited.com/pdflink.html

I am no longer receiving schedules in the mail.
Unless you have requested to be removed from our mailing list, you will continue to receive schedules for approximately eighteen months from the date of your last registration.

I would like to pick up a printed copy of the class schedule. Where can I pick one up?
Class schedules are available through the Houston, Bellaire, Pasadena, Harris County libraries and some branches of Fort Bend County. We are also available in about 800 businesses throughout the area. Call us during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm) for locations in your zip code.

Where can I find the most current class information?
This web site automatically reflects any changes that we have for a class. If new sections for a class have been created it will show up online as soon as it is available. If a section of a class has been cancelled, that section does not appear. You will find classes online about one to two weeks before a new printed schedule is distributed.

Can I transfer or cancel a registration? What do I do if I am not happy with a class?
Call us (Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm) at 713-529-4414. Please see our policies. It is rare, but some students are not happy with some classes. Whether you’re happy or disappointed, we hope you will fill out the student feedback form that comes with your registration. In the case of an on line registration, it’s on the second page. Sorry, but you can't transfer or cancel a registration online.

What is the address of the class that I want to take?
The printed schedule and the online class listings provide the general area of town that a class is located. Exact locations are given when you register. The directions are printed on the receipt that you will receive for your class. If you register online, your receipt will be in a PDF document that is attached to the e-mail you receive after registration. Some locations may have been changed from what is printed in the schedule. The area of town listed on the web site is the current location.

I forgot my user name and password.
Existing students:
If you don't know your user name and password you can request that it be emailed to you. You can select the link that follows, or go to any page that lists classes. Select the My Account button then select the E-mail my user name & password to me. button.
New students: A system generated username and password will automatically be assigned to you. You can change these items once you log in.

What should I do if my online registration attempt fails?
Please call our office during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm) at 713-529-4414.

How can I contact Leisure Learning?
Please select the Contact link for phone numbers, office location or mailing address.

What are your policies regarding the privacy of my information?
Protecting the privacy of our students is a responsibility we take seriously.
1) We do not sell, rent, or give your information to others (except to LLU teachers in some cases).
2) We occasionally may use phone numbers you provide us to give you updated information on selected classes. You may request that we remove your name from the LLU mailing list, or emails. Contact us Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm at 713-529-4414 or by selecting Remove Me From Mailings. It may take a few weeks to make your choice(s) fully effective.
3) The day prior to the start of your classes, we make a roster available to teachers listing the names of students in their class. Your address and phone numbers are not listed on this roster. We do not provide teachers with contact information except for those classes listed below in item #4. If you wish for a teacher to contact you after a class, you can provide that information directly to the teacher at class.
4) In some classes (computer, guitar, theater arts, water sports, welding), where it might be necessary for the teacher to contact students prior to class, we will provide the teacher with your phone number.