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Meetings for Prospective Teachers
Thank you for your interest in teaching for Leisure Learning Unlimited, Inc. We're always looking for great teachers with exciting new subjects.
If you would like to teach something you have expertise in that is not currently offered:
1) Download the LLU Teacher Application Form in MS-Word format or Adobe PDF format. Fill out the form completely. Instructions on how to fill out the form are included in the download.
2) Please email the completed form to LLUDATES@GMAIL.COM, or
fax the completed form to 713-529-4141 or mail to:
     Leisure Learning Unlimited
     2990 Richmond Ave #120
     Houston, TX 77098-
3) Keep a hard copy of the form and bring it to a prospective teachers meeting. Dates for the next meeting to be announced.

NOTE: The following topic areas tend to have very low enrollments: Self Awareness, Inner Growth, Religion, Children, "New Age", Stress, Diet/Food Groups that are good/bad for you, How To Be Happy, Anger Management, Divorce, Parenting & Poetry. At this time we do not have a need for additional investing classes. Please be sure that your topic is significantly different than topics currently in the schedule.

We also have a list of classes that we would like to offer. Are you qualified to teach any of these classes?

Information for New/Prospective Teachers
LLU has offered a comprehensive schedule of stimulating and enjoyable classes, taught by outstanding instructors (legally defined as independent contractors) since September 1979.

To promote this program we publish a new schedule, with over 500 classes, four times a year. More than 100,000 free schedules are distributed per schedule throughout the greater Houston area. Of these, more than 20,000 are mailed to people who request them. Approximately 25,000 students participate in LLU classes each year--drawn from direct contact with our schedules, from our web site, as well as from our publicity outreach to local print and electronic media. In addition, we arrange classes with our teachers at the request of local businesses and/or after-school programs who seek specialized instruction for their employees and students.

LLU teachers are given exclusive rights to the subjects they teach as long as they can accommodate the number of students who sign up. In some cases, where a teacher wants to teach only in a certain part of town, other teachers will be allowed to teach the subject in a different geographical area.

Teachers are not hired as employees of Leisure Learning Unlimited, but are contracted as an Independent Contractor.

Generally, teachers receive 30 to 35% of the course fees. For classes that generate average enrollments, this translates into more than $25 per hour.

LLU rents meeting rooms to instructors at a rate of $2.50 per student, per four hour meeting. Because of our convenient Galleria area location, a high percentage of classes meet here. Some teachers teach in their own facilities; this, and a few other issues are addressed after the prospective teachers meeting.

Teachers are required to pay a one-time only $10 listing fee for each new class. This payment, received at the time of the prospective teacher's meeting, is an attempt, on the part of LLU, to establish the seriousness of the part of prospective teachers to teach.

Download the eight page Teacher's Handbook for detailed information.

We hope this overview answers most of your questions. If not, we are sure they will be addressed at the prospective teacher meeting or afterwards in a post-meeting telephone conference.

Thanks again for your interest in LLU.


You may also contact Ed Socha at ed@llu.com